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“Welcome to Step Ahead Public School”

Under the wings of Rajpuriya Group, the Step Ahead Public School is regarded as the best center of educational brilliance worldwide. The school endeavors to garner the benefits of commercial education by incorporating the emerging global trends. Step Ahead Public School has a progressive approach towards education and based on a set of strongly believed principles that are followed everyday by every member of this institution.

The school philosophy revolves around the thought of guiding each child in an appropriate manner by providing high-quality education and developmental programme. This not only encourages learning, but also creates a healthy environment to ensure overall development of the child.

Day Boarding

Step Ahead Public School believes in offering 360 degree educational experiences with high-quality day boarding approach to create a mindset among students to look upon the school as their second home.


Our school leadership is under the guidance of highly experienced Chairman and Principal who guide the energies and talents of parents, pupils, and teachers to achieve high standard educational goals.

Global Engagement

Step Ahead Public School believes in working with students, teachers and parents to accomplish fair solutions to various global challenges that arise in the education system.

Social Work

Step Ahead Public School has always believed in improving the wellbeing and lifestyle of communities, families, students and individuals through various kinds of social welfare activities.

Advanced Faculty

Our faculties are highly experienced and qualified who have developed various innovative educational procedures to prepare students for upcoming challenges in the day-to-day life.

Small Class Sizes

Our Small class sizes are very beneficial and lead to more one-on-one concentration from the teacher of the students. The class size has put positive effect on the student learning process.

Student Personal Approach

Step Ahead Public School has taken various steps to review the student's personal approach towards education. Our team of highly qualified teachers partners with parents to attain holistic development of the students.

Best Grades

Our students have always secured best grades in their respective classes. The teachers are always working to give an environment that is child-oriented, healthy, clean and safe.

State Level Sports Activities

Step Ahead Public School encourages active participation of the students in various state and national level sports activities that are organized at various universities and institutions.

Leadership Education

Our leadership education is dedicated to preparing the students to become effective leaders who will make a huge difference in both school and home.