The word Education comes from “Educo”, which means to go within. In 21 years of my teaching experience, I have learned that education is beyond learning to read and write.

  1. Removing hatred, manipulation and jealousy
  2. Finding out a right career
  3. How to handle challenges of daily life
  4. How to enjoy success with right values
  5. How to discover unique talent and make it a career

Parents send their children to school, where they hope children become learners, with the tools they need to succeed in life. Schools take children from and send back to their families, where they assume the families will provide the support that children need to grow and learn. This circle in which the home and school share the resource of children is the prime concern at “STEP AHEAD PUBLIC SCHOOL”, where the aim is to optimize the development of students through a synergistic collaboration between families and the school.

Both parents and educators have a large stake in children’s success and the linkages promoted to facilitate it. No one would dispute that, but conceptualizing and handling the connections between home and school may be done in many ways depending on the ground realities and specific ideas about the rights, roles and responsibilities of participants in education. Caution needs to be exercised while conceptualizing these connections as they have implications not only on activities undertaken, but also on the way the scholars choose to think about parents and education places. At “STEP AHEAD PUBLIC SCHOOL”, we therefore try to think beyond the underlying dimensions of power and ideology in the interactions between parents and educators so that the home school relationship is strengthened and the student’s potential is harnessed completely.

We are always looking towards active co-operation from the parents and invite their support.

  1. For learning at home
  2. For communication regarding positive feedback
  3. About a teacher’s influence or performance
  4. For a fair discipline measure that teachers impose
  5. In becoming active parents in education

I believe that a healthy and successful education comes from home that way learning will also happen at home, not just in school.

Mr. Puneet Tyagi, Principal